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Show Credits

Director:  Allan Michael Brunet

Produced by:  Cement Factory & Nightshift Theatre

Denise:  Kiran Friesen

Carol:  Joanne Latimer

R.J.:  Gugun Deep Singh

Michael:  Paul De La Rosa

Production Design:  Allan Michael Brunet

Stage Manager:  Christine Luksts

Poster Drawing:  John Coburn

Social Media:  Sean Towgood

Crew:  Geoffrey Armour, Tom Everett, Stephen Jackson

Artistic Director:

General Manger:

Rosemary Doyle

Deborah Ann Frankel

For Cement Factory

Founding Director:

Allan Michael Brunet


Joanne Latimer

Katerina Taxia


Great big heartfelt thanks to the following people, without whose contributions this show would not have been possible.

Wes Berger, Crow's Theatre, Liona Davies, Gerry Egan, Nino Gaspari, Joan Gregson, Jameson Kraemer, Dale Mackay, Frank McLeod, Duncan Morgan, Kareem Sherif – K2 Developments Corp.

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